04 May

4 May 2018: Wesley Methodist Church 衛斯理堂, Sibu, Sarawak came into being out of a need for worship conducted in the English language. According to the Sarawak Provisional Conference Report of 1955, Rev. Douglas P. Coole was in charge of the English Vespers as one of the 3 services held at Masland Church. It was on the 5th of May 1958 that Wesley Methodist Church, Sibu, was officially constituted when 19 Methodists and 9 Christians from other denominations under the leadership of a Methodist missionary, Rev. David MacDonald, met in the Methodist Theological School Chapel to inaugurate a regular English worship service.

Back in the days, most of the worshippers were missionaries (and their families) who served in the local churches which used various local languages and dialects. They felt the need for worship and fellowship in their own language, and to have Sunday school for their children. To these days, Wesley Methodist Church continues to stand out as the only church in Sibu that conducts worship services in English.

On the recent sound system upgrade, the 350 pax seating capacity sanctuary of Wesley Methodist Church has benefitted from a very much improved speech intelligibility, ease of system handling, enhanced visual aesthetics and expanded multimedia options, with the installation of GECKO® audio system anchored by a pair of REVELATION SR 615RF 15” loudspeakers, a unit of EXODUS ALPHA MXR 1800 mixing console, and a unit of EXODUS ATOM MXR 1208A powered mixing console - all come equipped with the advanced C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® technology. The 'minimalist concept' system upgrade was designed by Mr. Sam Tai, Technical Head of GECKO® Borneo, without treating the hall acoustics.

“For many years, we were having issues of the sound at the front part of the sanctuary being overly loud and overly soft at the rear part of the sanctuary. Many dead spots in the sanctuary even though we had multiple numbers of loudspeakers installed. Sound was harsh and muffled to the ears, and we always faced howlings in the system that we were not able to rid off no matter how we adjust on the settings of the earlier system. Mixing musical instruments was always a tough job for us.

Now with the GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® sound system in place, we have noticed a tremendous improvement in sound clarity and quality, for both speech and music. The sound is very comfortable to the ears with every detail heard clearly and evenly all across the sanctuary even though the system is running on only one pair of loudspeakers driven by a low-powered active mixing console. The AYERS ROCK DI boxes are impressive too! The entire system is very easy on our crews,” says the person in charge.

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