08 Oct

8 October 2016: Own and run by 湖光教會 Neihu Huguang Church, Fain.C House functions as children and teenager development center in the Neihu District of Taipei City, with services ranging from child care, music lessons, tuition, counseling, to performing arts. The facilities at Fain.C House consist of children playhouse, a library for students, classrooms, music studios, a cafe, and a performing hall with a seating capacity of approximately 300 pax.

The GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile technologies and types of equipment have been chosen for the performing hall sound system upgrade. The decision was made after having gone through a series of selection and testing of systems of different makes in the hall with low-ceiling and challenging acoustics, a necessary upgrade to resolve their long-time intelligibility (muffled sound), coverage, and howling issues [unusual Potential Acoustic Gain (PAG) versus Needed Acoustic Gain (NAG) issues], among others – for its stage and front-of-house (FOH).

The system upgrade consists of:

  • 2 units of GECKO® REVELATION SR 612RF 12” 2-way C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile loudspeakers as FOH (in replacement of 14 units of 12” loudspeakers/ 2 units of 18” subwoofers setup)
  • 1 unit of GECKO® GENESIS ELEGANCE 16-tier AGE 600H C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile Class-H power amplifier
  • 1 unit of GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 3604L 36-channel C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing console
  • 1 lot of GECKO® TRUTH T2 audiophile-grade speaker cables
  • 1 lot of GECKO® TRUTH T3AL audiophile-grade signal cables
  • 1 lot of GECKO® OLYMPIAN series audiophile-grade connectors

“With the new GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile system installed - clarity, intelligibility, balanced and equal volume coverage has been achieved while meeting OSHA safety standards for hearing health”.

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